Our Vision

To connect through education to advance understandings and actions in relation to environmental and sustainability issues across all communities and education sectors.

Vision, Values & Objectives


To connect through education to advance understandings and actions in relation to environmental and sustainability issues across all communities and education sectors.  


  • Fostering of social change on environmental issues;
  • Use of sustainability principles;
  • Excellence in education using reflective practice;
  • Inclusive, democratic, collaborative and empowering approaches;
  • Use of holistic, integrated and global perspectives;
  • High ethical standards;
  • High quality research and evaluation to underpin practice; and
  • Productive international, national, interstate and sector based partnerships.

Strategic Priorities for AAEE

  • Develop an active communication strategy to improve internal and external communication.
  • Define current and investigate future funding stream opportunities.
  • Strengthen our identity as a profession to project a shared narrative.
  • Investigate and secure ways to add value to Membership Benefits.
  • Identify and connect with others to create pathways for a sustainable future.

Expectations of Outcomes by 2015

 That AAEE has achieved financial security through a range of initiatives and the association membership has impacted on Australian communities and organisations to engage in a positive resilient manner with the predicted changes arising from environmental issues. That AAEE is viewed as a strong leading professional network by the association members, governments, communities and business, offering predictive strategic direction to both inform and build capacities in an adaptive and flexible manner to meet the challenges of the future. That AAEE has negotiated and consolidated a range of partnerships enabling productive connections to promote the interdisciplinary and inter-generational exchanges required to honor all narratives concerned with environmental issues.

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Latest News

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  • June 29, 2016 - Sustainability in Schools - It's time to get started with sustainability - Sustainability is a cross-curriculum priority within the Australian Curriculum. - The Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools website provides all school teachers in Australia with a searchabledatabase of learning resources linked to Australian... More →
  • May 2, 2016 - WEEC 2017 - Save the date! - The 9thWEEC(World Environmental Education Congress) will be held inVancouver, Canada, 9-15 September 2017. - The title will beCulturenvironment:Weaving new connections - The International Organizing Committee is theWEEC Permanent Secretariat, based in Italy, while the Local Organizing Committee isThe... More →


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