#3 Eco Justice and Activism

#3 Eco Justice and Activism

7 June 2017

With deep commitment to ecojustice and activism we explored where we are positioned and why… we also pushed into where to from here… and how we could get there! How do the economic and ecological sit together into the future? We don’t really know what post capitalism will look like. We have some visionaries help us see a way forward and this conversation is to help us start our future and we mean to finish… We can NOT proceed with practices towards unlimited growth. When limits are expressed we often find ecojustice issues (this is where ecojustice work is imperative). The challenge is how do we hold these tensions and find a way forward.

This presentation started from the ideas presented so well by:


Dr. Peta White, Dr. Marilyn Palmer, and Dr. Sandra Wooltorton


Ecojustice and Activism presentation


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