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To connect through education to advance understandings and actions in relation to environmental and sustainability issues across all communities and education sectors.

Marine Educators SIG

Welcome to AAEE ME - our special interest group for Marine Educators.

We live on the biggest island in the world on a planet nearly 3/4 covered by oceans. Our health depends on the health of our oceans.

AAEE ME has two distinct goals:

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1. To provide networking and support opportunities for those working in marine education.

Due mainly to the barriers between people and marine and aquatic environments, marine education has its own set of challenges. We hope to discuss these challenges as well as the many ways marine educators are working to overcome them.

2. To encourage educators who are not necessarily working in 'marine' education to incorporate marine and aquatic environmental education in their programs.

The marine environment is often viewed as external in many environmental education programs, but as we all know, all drains, creeks and rivers lead to the ocean. We therefore have a vital opportunity to educate people of all ages about marine environments throughout terrestrial environmental education programs. Rather than people thinking that because they don't live by the beach they have no impact on marine environments, they should be making conscious decisions about:

  • seafood;
  • climate change (ocean acidification and sea temperature change due to climate change are very pressing issues);
  • packaging/reducing waste; and
  • holiday destinations, just to name a few.

The Marine Educators SIG is a great opportunity to learn more about creative and effective ways to take a broad, inclusive approach to environmental and sustainability education.

See our 2013 survey results here: Survey Results

If you'd like to join the Marine Educators SIG (AAEE ME), email kate(at)beachteach.com.au.

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