Sustainability in Schools

Sustainability in Schools

As of 2016, AAEE has taken responsibility for managing the new ‘Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools’ learning resource portal on behalf of the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance (AESA).

Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools provides all school teachers in Australia with a searchable database of learning resources linked to Australian Curriculum.

The online portal is a product of the Education for Sustainability Partnership Project research conducted nationally and aims to support teachers in schools who are just ‘getting started with sustainability’.

Over the next two years we hope that with your help, we can make ‘Getting Started’ become a known and trusted source of sustainability linked learning resources.

It's time to get started with sustainability

Sustainability is a cross-curriculum priority within the Australian Curriculum.

Use the website and Resource Portal to help you on your way.

Submit a resource for inclusion by completing the simple Resource Submission Form available from the website.

It's time to embed sustainability into the classroom, school and community.

Read more about the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance and the EfS Partnership Project.

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