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To connect through education to advance understandings and actions in relation to environmental and sustainability issues across all communities and education sectors.

AAEE Conference Papers

AAEE 19th Biennial Conference, Adelaide 2016

Tomorrow-Making, Our Present to the Future

President Mark Caddey

Conference highlights
More than 240 sustainability and environmental educators came together for the conference.

Partnerships and Exhibitions Prospectus (pdf)
AAEE_2016_Research_Symposium_Delegate-Info+Program (2) (pdf)

AAEE 18th Biennial Conference, Hobart 2014

Sustainability - Smart Strategies for the 21C

President Mark Caddey

AAEE research symposium - general information (pdf)
Conference Final Report (pdf)

AAEE 17th Biennial Conference, Melbourne 2012

Creating your next Courageous Steps (Next Steps 2012).

President Jennifer Pearson

The 17th Biennial AAEE 2012 Conference - Creating your next Courageous Steps (Next Steps 2012) -was held at the Sebel Albert Park in St Kilda between September 30th and October 3rd 2012.  Hosted by the Victorian Association for Environmental Education (VAEE), the Victorian chapter of AAEE. VAEE and AAEE engage in activities which strengthen networks and partnerships to further build the capacity of educators to assist schools, tertiary institutions, government and  business to incorporate the sustainable practices into their operations and into their curriculum.  We delivered a conference that both exemplifies and enables courage to take the next step on our Environmental Education journey.

AAEE 2012 Conference Papers

A special Edition of the AJEE - Volume 29 - Special Issue 01 (Creating our next courageous steps) was dedicated to Professor Frank Fisher of Swinburne University. The VAEE provided a eulogy in the edition in recognition of Franks considerable work and influence of EfS over his life, 1943 - 2012, with humble thanks for all his efforts.

AAEE 16th Biennial Conference, Canberra 2010

Leading change - Living for one planet.

President Jennifer Pearson

The future depends on ecological sustainability this conference challenge economic, social and political assumptions undermining our capacity to act with hope towards a desired future. A fully integrated youth program ensured this conference inspired commitment to personal and collective action to challenge these assumptions.

AAEE 2010 Conference Referred Journal (PDF)

AAEE 2010 Conference Non Referred Presentations (PDF)

AAEE 15th Biennial Conference, Darwin 2008

Environmental education up the track - Hot topics for our community

President Phil Smith

Tropical topics, engaging and involving Indigenous Australians and isolated communities across Northern Australia. The Youth Conference, lead by Millennium Kids Inc, connecting youth organisations and groups across the nation using video link ups.

AAEE 2008 Conference Papers

AAEE 14th Biennial Conference, Bunbury 2006

Sharing wisdom for our future; Environmental education in action

President Grahame Collier

Bunbury is 2 hours south of Perth the capital of Western Australia at the centre of the biodiversity hotspot in the southwest. This conference incorporated the first Council of Widom groups where elders from the Noongar Community along with elders from the AAEE community debated how to engage with all communities to bring about lasting behavioural changes needed for a shared future. This was also the first conference to have a concurrent Youth Conference incoporated into the structure and was coordinated by Millennium Kids Inc for WA youth.

2006 AAEE Conference Abstract Proceedings (PDF)

2006 AAEE Conference Referred Journal and Non Refereed Journal

AAEE 13th Biennial Conference, Adelaide 2004

Creating ethical communities now: footprints, pathways and possibilities

President Grahame Collier

2004 AAEE Conference Program with Abstracts

2004 AAEE Conference Referred Journal and Non Refereed Journal

AAEE 12th Biennial Conference, Brisbane 2002

Sustaining environmental education: celebrating diversity

President Jo Lang

AAEE 11th Biennial Conference, Melbourne, January 2001

The Future is Here

President Debbie Heck

AAEE 10th Biennial Conference, Sydney, January 1999

Southern Crossings: Pointers for Change

President Debbie Heck

AAEE 9th Biennial Conference,  University of Tasmanie, Hobart 1997

Linking the community

President Peter Dingle

AAEE 8th Biennial Conference, Cairns Colonial Club, Cairns 1994

World Heritage: Visions and Values

President Kim Walker

AAEE 7th Biennial Conference, Perth Zoo, Perth 1992

Linking the community

President Brian Foreman

AAEE 6th Biennial Conference, University of Adelaide, Adelaide 1990

Pathways for change

President John Fien

AAEE 5th Biennial Conference, Alice Springs Conference Centre, Alice Springs 1988

Sailing on an inland sea

President Jim Wilson

AAEE 4th Biennial Conference, Erskine House, Lorne 1986

Thinking environmentally, acting educationally

President Carolyn Pettigrew

AAEE 3rd Biennial Conference, University of Sydney, Sydney 1984

Urban Environmental Education

President Annette (Greenall) Gough

AAEE 2nd Biennial Conference, Mt Gravatt CAE, Brisbane 1982

Promoting Environmental Education

President Russell Linke

AAEE Inaugural Biennial Conference, Arbury Park Outdoor School, Adelaide 1980

Environmental Education for the Eighties: Issues and Approaches

President Peter Fensham

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