AAEE is aiming to establish a Youth Advisory Board in 2019.

AAEE have been requested to extend the date for applications for the AAEE Youth Advisory Board to Friday 15th March 2019.

The aim of an AAEE Youth Advisory Board is to:

  • be intergenerational and engage young people as thinkers and doers in AAEE, thereby also increasing awareness of the AAEE;
  • include young people as equals in AAEE, thereby also enabling them to communicate and promote the AAEE and its communication tools (website; biannual journal, biennial conference, quarterly newsletter and monthly bulletin;
  • acknowledge that AAEE is intergenerational and thereby expand the exposure of the Association to youth interested in environmental and sustainability education;
  • enable the Youth Advisory Board members to be mentored by AAEE and to learn from the Youth Advisory Board members
  • more effectively integrate key sustainability concepts and practice into our mutually respective lives and by this increase understanding of and movement towards more sustainable living in the community

The AAEE aims to build and maintain strong communications and relationships with the Youth Advisory Board by providing ongoing communication, assistance, advice, leadership and award opportunities.

The AAEE Executive would appreciate all Chapters and Branches sharing the attached invitation with any young people or groups that are known to you.

If you are interested, here is what you have to do…

Tell us about yourself in no more than two pages, including your:

  • Name and contact details
  • Your experience and involvement in environmental and societal groups and activities
  • A personal description of why you hope to be part of the Youth Advisory Board.
  • The name of one other person who supports you in your application.

Email your application to admin@aaee.org.au

FAQ: What is the age range? We would like to keep it open.

Kind regards,

AAEE Executive