AAEE recognizes its members for their significant efforts in the areas of environmental education and education for sustainability.

We recognise these efforts through the national environmental awards, including the annual Environmental Educator of the Year Award and the biennial Brian Foreman Scholarship and Fellowship of AAEE.

View the Award details and past recipients below.

AAEE Environmental Educator of The Year Award

Each Chapter is encouraged to nominate a member who has achieved significant outcomes within their groups’ work in support of Education for Sustainability.

Entries closed for 2020 nominations.

2019 Recipient

Congratulations to Lorna Pettifer – the 2019 AAEE Environmental Educator of the Year!

She has been working in environmental education and presenting to community groups on sustainability for many years.

At CERES Education Lorna passionately directs CERES Educationeducation and training programs. She also has a strategic focus on environmental management and innovation projects at CERES Education.

She is passionate about deepening our response to the ecological and climate crisis through CERES Education learning experiences. Her background in sustainability stems from ecology and zoology and has broadened to community engagement, environmental management, behaviour change, and farm and food programs.

Lorna has worked with community groups, schools, and individuals. Her work has supported teachers, students, households and organisations in sustainability management and behavior change.

As an environmental advocate, she has worked in National Parks, Environmental Consultancies, Universities, NGOs and Wildlife reserves as a conservationist, educator, tour guide, bush regenerator, GIS Consultant, environmental modeler, and researcher.

Lorna proudly received the Environmental Educator of the Year for Victoria in 2018.

Past Recipients

2018: Jenny Dibley ACT

2017: Associate Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira QLD
2016: Allen Hill, TAS. & Noelene Rowntree QLD
2015: Jem Hansen, NSW
2014: Jane Ryan, VIC
2013: Vanessa Whelan, ACT
2012: Elaine Lewis, WA
2011: Cam Mackenzie, QLD
2010: Grahame Collier, NSW
2009: Jennifer Pearson, WA; Annie Beecroft, TAS
2008: Richard Smith, SA
2007: Frank Fisher, VIC

Brian Foreman Scholarship

The Brian Foreman Scholarship was created to assist a member of the association to travel and attend the biennial conference. Brian Foreman was a founding member of the Association in 1980 and his work in South Australia is legendary. This award is in recognition of Brian’s contribution to environmental education in general and to AAEE in particular. Read Brian’s Story.

Entries closed for 2020 nominations

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"As an Environmental Educator I am privileged to work in an industry that is committed making changes in a variety of forums. In my day-to-day work I come into contact with academics in the field as well as classroom teachers. There is a natural synergy between the work I do with Deakin University and the work I do with Environmental Education Victoria, as it affords me the ability to see theory and practice combine."

- Jorja McKinnon

Past Recipients

2018: Katherine Gaschk & Angela Colliver
2016: Jorja McKinnon
2014: Janine Baker
2012: Anne Pettit, WA

L-R: Mark Caddey (president), Peter Fensham (first AAEE president), Heather Smith (daughter of John Smith AAEE elder), Leigh Foreman (son of Brian Foreman)

Fellowship of AAEE

After a brief interval, the Fellowship of AAEE was reinstated in 2012 to recognise a member who had made an outstanding contribution to environmental education at a national level over their career. This recognition is the awarded by the Executive Committee. Our past recipients are still very involved in the field of Education for Sustainability.

2018 Recipient

Professor Bob Stevenson

This year at the AAEE 2018 Conference we recognised Professor Bob Stevenson as an AAEE Fellow. Prof Stevenson is a Research Leader (Education for Sustainability) at The Cairns Institute, Director of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Sustainability Education at JCU and is Executive Editor of the Journal of Environmental Education (the oldest journal in the field).

Professor Stevenson’s research has focused on theory-policy-practice relationships in environmental sustainability education and its history and marginalised status as an educational reform in K-12 schooling. He has critically examined international and national policies and discourses and has developed seminal explanations of the discrepancies between policies and practice in environmental education, arguing for more inclusive and participatory approaches to policy formulation. His current research interests centre on the current and potential sites of learning about issues of environmental sustainability by young people and how schools, peers, electronic media and the home, are being used and can be constructively used to work toward a more sustainable and just society.

Past Recipients

2014: Amy Cutter-Mackenzie (read more)
2012: Syd Smith, NSW

Prof Bob Stevenson received certificate as AAEE 2018 Fellow
L-R: Cam Mackenzie, Immediate Past President Mark Caddey, 2018 Fellow Prof Bob Stevenson and Jo Ferreira