National Executive

National Executive

The National Executive is drawn from at least four Chapters and meets monthly by video conference. The Executive Team has working groups to progress key areas of the association which are listed next to each portfolio leader.

The Executive Team is supported by the Liaison Committee which assists with communication between the National Executive and State Chapters and Branches. In addition, a representative of the chapter or branch hosting the Biennial conference joins the meeting to provide regular updates on progress and planning.

Executive Team

Committee Members

Public Officer

Chapters and Branch Members

Liaison Committee Members

Chapter/Branch Presidents

ACT Taz Whan ACT Andrew O'Meara
NSW Patricia Lee NSW Sue Martin
NT Jo Scott NT Graeme Sawyer
QLD Mandy Botterell QLD Natalie Costanzo
SA  Debbie Loke SA Deidre Knight
TAS Nel Smit TAS Ingrid Albion
VIC Jo Connor VIC Rina Gao
WA Dr Jennifer Pearson WA Dr Jennifer Pearson

To reach out to any of the committee members, contact the National Administration.