Members of the Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) are using World Environment Day (5 June 2020) to engage the community about the importance of biodiversity.

According to Dr. Jennifer Pearson, President of AAEE ‘We are asking our community to see value in protecting the natural world all around them. Our hope is for a new economy where biodiversity is valued and protected.

John F. Kennedy (President of the United States 1961-1963), once said: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try it”.

Communicating ideas about how to value, restore, and conserve the environment, in particular, our biodiversity is this year’s challenge and opportunity.

AAEE would love all members to share ideas this through social media so that World Environment Day 2020 is captured as a celebration of nature all around us, near and far, large and small. Just post your idea to the AAEE Facebook page!

“World Environment Day is a perfect occasion to celebrate all of our shared appreciation of the environment we are part of. AAEE as a professional association also wants to celebrate the achievements of our members across Australia share our continuing projects with local government, businesses, and the community,” Jennifer said.

AAEE’s involvement with the Australian Education Sustainability Alliance (AESA), now sees the ‘Getting Started with Sustainability’ portal being used by thousands of teachers across Australia to access free high-quality sustainability education resources that link with the Australian Curriculum. More at . “This means that we can directly support the more than 100 thousand teachers across Australia getting started with sustainability in their classrooms,” Jennifer said.

AAEE has also recently mapped the Sustainability Cross Curriculum Priority against all content descriptions and elaborations in the Australian Curriculum and we invite everyone to discover these resources and download them from…/sustainability-cross-curriculum-p…/

For further information, please contact:
Contact Person: Dr. Jennifer Pearson