Expressions of interest sought between 25 February to 15 March 2019

There is evidence that Environmental Education and Sustainability along with social education can be passed over by the current emphasis on STEM despite its status as a Cross Curriculum Priority in the Australian Curriculum. One reason for this is an absence of teaching and learning resources that plan for active citizenship in and beyond classrooms.

Project outline

AAEE invites organisations and contractors to work with educators to submit original sequences of lessons and or units of work, outlining good practice in the teaching and learning of Environmental Education and Sustainability. The proposed project will support at least one of the learning sectors: early years, primary or secondary students and meet the criteria below.

Specifically, successful submissions of work will be:

  • An original unit of study/sequence of lessons for a 10-week term;
  • Adaptable to school and community contexts;
  • Inclusive of annotation of lesson plans with accompanying rationales and explanatory text to help educators;
  • Inclusive of all necessary support materials (e.g. information or worksheets; artworks for cover sheet, assessment rubrics);
  • Opportunities for students to be active and informed citizens;
  • Inclusive of an innovative form of assessment;
  • Address more than one general capability learning area, and
  • Include the Sustainability Cross Curriculum Priority.

The resource should demonstrate explicit links to the ACARA curriculum.

We are seeking the outline of what you propose to create, the year level and the area of the curriculum it will cover. We need enough information to understand what the final product will deliver.

Most schools need at least a term of work to engage their students as this enables a deeper understanding of the issue under consideration. We hope this can be done in a creative and engaging way that teachers can implement in a standard schools system.

The draft budget is an indication that you are aware of what you will need to complete the project if your work is selected. Will you need to pay a teacher to work with you, what cost to you to create, cost of production of quality resource etc.

The resources will be published on the Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools website and freely available to all Australian educators.

Submissions will be reviewed by at least two AAEE Executive Committee members. Some submissions may be returned to project developers with feedback/suggestions for enhancement.

Submission details

Budget: $4,200

Submissions are open from 25 February to 15 March 2019.

Please send your EOI via email to