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Keeping a balance between wetland habitat functions and the risk to public health due to mosquito breeding has been one of the most challenging tasks that wetland managers deal with on a regular basis. People often assume that all wetlands produce nuisance or disease-carrying mosquitoes. However, healthy wetlands, with diverse aquatic invertebrates, fish, birds and other fauna that prey on mosquito larvae, produce very few adult mosquitoes. Stormwater networks, however, often contain shallow waterbodies with low oxygen levels and no natural predators. These sites become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Backyard elements that hold water such as clogged gutters, unmaintained pools, stagnant birdbaths, neglected tyres, and buckets or pot plant trays can also be fertile mosquito breeding grounds.

Long-term management of mosquitoes in any areas should include a combination of cultural, biological and physical control methods with chemical controls used only when necessary to provide short-term treatment.
With the support of the Department of Health WA, SERCUL have produced the Mozzie Wise Education Program and associated resource materials. The aim of this program is to educate local communities and school children in all aspects of mosquito breeding prevention and personal protection against mosquitoes. The Mozzie Wise School Educational Program is linked to the Relevant Science Learning Area of the National Curriculum and provides a Teacher’s Guide for all levels from Kindy through to Year 10. During this Learning Circle, we will showcase the Mozzie Wise Education Program and discuss how we can protect ourselves from mosquitoes.

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Wed 5 December 2018, 4:00 - 5:30PM AEST

Presenters: Amy Krupa, CEO and Rose Weerasinghe, Ecologist from SERCUL.

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