Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory


In the beautiful ACT,  the environmental education network is kept up to date at the Environmental Educators Network Blog, and includes:

  • Schools and teachers - did you know that 100% of ACT schools are registered sustainability partners and so all of our teachers have the opportunity to become world-leading education and learning for sustainability specialists!
  • Early childhood educators
  • Utilities and government departments
  • Community advocacy groups
  • Specialist programs and private education  providers
  • Canberra region's significant conservation and environmental education sites
  • Academia generally and teacher training in particular - you might like to subscribe to receive the peer-reviewed AAEE Journal here.
  • Individual members and supporters.

The ACT community is justifiably very proud of its rich varied professional and community-wide education and learning for sustainability credentials. That is why the ACT chapter of AAEE believes we can meet the challenge to ensure that every student and educator has access to high-quality education and learning for sustainability no matter what school or site they attend.

The ACT Chapter works collaboratively with local EfS organisations on important environmental issues, through sharing expertise, exchanging information and providing professional development. The local organisations that the AAEE ACT works with are varied.

Find out what is on offer to educators in the ACT and what challenges remain by downloading our 10-year vision for Future of Education for Sustainability in the ACT here.

Get in touch with us at, and bookmark our local blog for all our updates here.