#7 Education with links to the Sea

#7 Education with links to the Sea

26 June 2018


  • Kate Keary (Teacher, Brewongle Environmental Education Centre, Leader of the AAEE Australian Marine Education Network)
  • Janine Baker (Marine Ecologist, Marine Educator)
  • Andrew Walsh (Primary Coordinator, Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre, Jetty Rd Woodbridge)
  • Craig Strang (Lawrence Hall of Science, USA)
  • Carl Charter (EMS - Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries Inc.)
  • Harry Breidahl (Director at Nautilus Educational).


Andrew Walsh Slides for AAEE Learning Circle Jun 26 Ocean Literacy

Carl Charter EMS AAEE Learning Circle Final

Harry Breidahl Slides for AAEE Learning Circle Jun 26

AUSMAP Kate Keary pdf

AUSMAP Kate Keary direct link

Janine Baker Presentation - Seaweek and OL pdf 

Craig Strang - OLinUSAandAroundWorld_for_AAEE

Discussions and Topics:

  • Harry Breidahl - A short history of the development of OL in the USA.
  • Harry Breidahl - OL on the international scene Perhaps Geraldine Fauville (based in Sweden but chair of NMEA international committee).
  • Andrew Walsh - Why OL is important to Australian learners and links with Australian curriculum.
  • Harry Breidahl - Examples of how OL has been adopted in Australia: the undergraduate unit EDF4219 Marine and Coastal Education at Monash Uni and the Two Bays Project.
  • Kate Keary and Janine Baker to present on the links between OL and Seaweek.
  • Kate Keary to present on AUSMAP, the Australian microplastics assessment project.
  • Carl Charter on Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries Inc and 360 VR immersive marine experiences.
  • Where to next? How do we coordinate our efforts? What other resources do teachers want/need?

Learning Circle #7 - Education with links to the sea - June 26 2018


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