Past Conference Papers

Past Conference Papers

AAEE 20th Biennial AAEE Conference, Gold Coast 2018

Creating Capacity for Change

More than 250 delegates attended the Creating Capacity for Change conference sharing the latest in environmental education theory, policy and practice to support excellent environmental and sustainability education and build capacity for change in children, young people and adults.

AAEE 2018 Conference Program

AAEE 2018 Conference Abstracts

AAEE 19th Biennial Conference Adelaide 2016

Tomorrow-Making, Our Present to the Future

More than 240 sustainability and environmental educators came together for the conference with the focus on education for sustainability as an agent for social change, hosted by the SA chapter.

AAEE 2016 Conference Highlights

AAEE 2016 Research Symposium Delegate Program

AAEE 18th Biennial Conference Hobart 2014

Sustainability - Smart Strategies for the 21C

AAEE 2014 Conference Papers (coming soon)

AAEE 17th Biennial Conference Melbourne 2012

Creating your next Courageous Steps (Next Steps 2012)

The 17th Biennial AAEE 2012 Conference - Creating your next Courageous Steps (Next Steps 2012) -was held in Melbourne 30 September to 3 October, 2012.  Hosted by the Victorian Association for Environmental Education (VAEE), the Victorian chapter. VAEE and AAEE engage in activities which strengthen networks and partnerships to further build the capacity of educators to assist schools, tertiary institutions, government and business to incorporate the sustainable practices into their operations and into their curriculum.

A special Edition of the AJEE - Volume 29 - Special Issue 01 (Creating our next courageous steps) was dedicated to Professor Frank Fisher of Swinburne University.

Read the 2012 Conference papers from individual presenters:

Andrew Elphinstone

Anne Pettit

Claire Beale

Claire Patterson

Clarice Lisle

David Butler

David McKay

Erica Gurner

Grahame Collier

Helen Tyas Tunggal

Howard Elston

Jeanie Clark

Sally Jensen

Sarah Poole

Sue Plumb

Yovita Gwekwerere

AAEE 16th Biennial Conference Canberra 2010

Leading change - Living for one planet

The future depends on ecological sustainability. This conference challenged the economic, social and political assumptions undermining our capacity to act with hope towards a desired future. A fully integrated youth program ensured this conference inspired commitment to personal and collective action to challenge these assumptions.

AAEE 2010 Conference Referred Journal (PDF)

AAEE 2010 Conference Non Referred Presentations

The presentions from the 2010 Conference have been converted to PDF for viewing. If you want to discuss the presentation please contact the authors.

AAEE_KristyTheissling [Read-Only] The National Marine Debris Initiative

AAEE_marinedebris_ktheissling_2 Short form National Marine Debris Initiative

ANDERSEN_P [Read-Only] Converting the bubble wrap generation into eco warriors.

Andrews_S [Read-Only] Underwater photelicitation: A new experientail Marine education technigue

Armstrong_P1 [Read-Only] The Guide Beside

ArmstrongP_2 TLfS Wednesday 2.15 [Read-Only] Leading for Change

Berthold_I_Smith [Read-Only] Local partnerships for monitoring aquatic health

Caddey_M [Read-Only] Sustainability action process

Christie_J [Read-Only] My garden is wren friendly

COLLIER_G1 [Read-Only] National professional development initiative for sustainabilty educators

COOKE_L [Read-Only] Sustainable education in schools: The flow on effects to health and wellbeing

Crawford_J [Read-Only] Ecological footprint calculation at blacktown city council

Donnelly_A [Read-Only] Building Australia's national phenology network

Douglas_B_PowerPoint [Read-Only] The SEE-Change movement in the ACT

Douglas_B Notes

EAMES_C1 Whole organisation approached to environmental education: A framework for systems thinking

EAMES_C2 Teaching and learning in environmental education: A framework for developing action competence

Finn_M [Read-Only] The GreenHouse Program: Testing scoial marketing approaches to change the behaviour of high consuming households

Gough_N [Read-Only] Complexity theorising and complexity reducation: Implications for environmental education research

Grant_N [Read-Only] Sustainable agriculture: An educational and environmental imperative

GREGORY_A1 [Read-Only] Throsby/Styx Creek combined schools project. St. Columban’s Primary School, Mayfield & Islington Public School

GREGORY_A2 [Read-Only] International Partnerships in Environmental Education

Guevara_65_Presentation [Read-Only] Facilitating Change: Weaving Significant Stories of EfS Programs in Victorian Schools

HIGGS_P [Read-Only] Engaging Students in Citizen Science; Using Mobile Tools

Hopkins_K [Read-Only] Sustaining our Towns; Sustainability – It’s our Future

Hunt_G [Read-Only] Turning down the heat – community education for climate change

James_a [Read-Only] Transition Towns

JAMES_T [Read-Only] Using appreciative inquiry to create collaborative connections across systems

Kim_N_Revision [Read-Only]Weaving an eco-friendly web Korean NGO reflections on the impact of a school education programme

Kininmonth_I [Read-Only] Targeton: Collaborative web-based software for planning, implementing and measuring behaviour and practice change for sustainability

Kongprasit_S Cultural Influence in Thai Environmental Leadership

KRUPA_A [Read-Only] Fertilise Wise – A behavioral approach to residential nutrient reduction

Larri_Ll [Read-Only] Evaluating EfS: 10 years, a reflection, trends & challenges

Lewis_E1 [Read-Only] Silos, Systems and Circles: Education for Sustainability at a Primary School

Liefman_J [Read-Only] ResourceSmart: Education-Taking the next steps along the EfS journey in Victoria

Lubczenko_V [Read-Only] A fresh approach to collaboration or are we just strange bedfellows?

martin_s1 [Read-Only] Supporting councils in their journey towards sustainability

Martin_S2 [Read-Only] Our journey so far lessons on becoming a sustainable school community

McLoughlin_ L Why do social research - who cares?

Moffat_Z Area planning: Delivering sustainable water services to Sydney

Nielsen_W [Read-Only]Teaching for Sustainability: Perspectives on a collaborative, experiential environmental education subject for preservice teachers

ONEILL_K [Read-Only] Results of community participation and education in describing relationships between human impacts and a coastal lagoon

OVERTON_W [Read-Only] Green Business ‘What you do and How you do it’

PARSONS_HBirds As Indicators: Engaging the School Community in Sustainability Concepts Through Bird Monitoring

Pavlidis_L [Read-Only] Deforestation and land degradation in Queensland - the Culprit

Pearson_OCC_AAEE [Read-Only] Climate change: Creating online education in Western Australian primary schools

PETTIT_A [Read-Only] Considering Waste, Science & Psych: Leading & supporting advanced shifts to sustainable living

Pipino_M [Read-Only] 2010 Australia Post: Kids Teaching Kids Week ‘A call for action across Australia’

PrabawaSear_K [Read-Only] Barriers to environmental behaviour change: A case study of the behaviours and attitudes of year 11 and 12 practical geography students.

PUDIN_S [Read-Only] Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN): Its Journey and the Way Forward

ROBINSON_E [Read-Only] Creating Urban Wet3ands, Environment, Education & Eleocharis

RYAN, J [Read-Only] Putting colour and oomph into making decisions – the role of education in developing policy.

Smith_M1 [Read-Only] “Moving forward” on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development: 8 opportunities to embed Climate Change and sustainability into the “education revolution”

Smith_P1 [Read-Only] The Healing Game: Restorative practices and sustainability education working together

SPARROW_J_AAEEwebsite [Read-Only] Love Food Hate Waste Program Lessons from a multidisciplinary team approach

TASSELL_P Effectively Communicating the Global Arming and Climate Change issue to Young People by Empowering Action and inspiring Change

VICKERY_R [Read-Only] Koalas Future: Time To Act

Welden_B_AAEE2010 [Read-Only] Primary Industries Education Foundation: The peak body for primary industries education in Australian schools

Whelan V [Read-Only] Recording Local Aboriginal Knowledge for ACT School Curriculum

WHITEHOUSE_H1 [Read-Only] Interculture in contemporary environmental education

AAEE 15th Biennial Conference Darwin 2008

Environmental education up the track - Hot topics for our community

Tropical topics, engaging and involving Indigenous Australians and isolated communities across Northern Australia. The Youth Conference, lead by Millennium Kids Inc, connecting youth organisations and groups across the nation using video link ups.

Read the 2008 Conference papers:

AAEE 2008 Conference Proceedings & Abstracts

AAEE 2008 Referred Journal

Conference Non-Referred books

(Please note that this is in 5 parts due to the size of the files)

2008 AAEE Conferance Non Referred Book1

2008 AAEE Conferance Non Referred Book2

2008 AAEE Conferance Non Referred Book3

2008 AAEE Conferance Non Referred Book4

2008 AAEE Conferance Non Referred Book5

AAEE 14th Biennial Conference Bunbury 2006

Sharing wisdom for our future; Environmental education in action

Bunbury is  at the centre of the biodiversity hotspot in the southwest of WA. This conference incorporated the first Council of Wisdom groups where elders from the Noongar Community along with elders from the AAEE community debated how to engage with all communities to bring about lasting behavioural changes needed for a shared future. This was also the first conference to have a concurrent Youth Conference incoporated into the structure and was coordinated by Millennium Kids Inc for WA youth.

2006 AAEE Conference Abstract Proceedings (PDF)

Earlier biennial conference dates and locations

AAEE 13th Biennial Conference Adelaide 2004
AAEE 12th Biennial Conference Brisbane 2002
AAEE 11th Biennial Conference 2000
AAEE 10th Biennial Conference 1998
AAEE 9th Biennial Conference 1996
AAEE 8th Biennial Conference 1994
AAEE 7th Biennial Conference Perth 1992
AAEE 6th Biennial Conference Adelaide 1990
AAEE 5th Biennial Conference 1988
AAEE 4th Biennial Conference 1986
AAEE 3rd Biennial Conference 1984
AAEE 2nd Biennial Conference 1982
AAEE Inaugural Biennial Conference 1980