By Dr Jennifer Pearson, President

Newly appointed AAEE President, Dr Jennifer Pearson thanks outgoing committee members and welcomes the incoming National Executive Council in this December President's Report.

Acknowledgement to outgoing committee

Firstly, to the National AAEE Executive, ably lead by Mark Caddey, your achievements have added much value to Association and we thank you most sincerely for your time and efforts. Knowing that this work has been done in your volunteer capacity is inspiring because we all know you give up precious time you would give to your family and friends. Your deep commitment to improve the state of the national engagement with education for sustainability across a diverse range of sectors is humbling. The challenges and opportunity to continue with your endeavours will guide the work of this next Executive.

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AAEE 2018 Conference

The 20th Biennial Conference on the Gold Coast was well attended over the Research Symposium and the 3 days of presentations, discussions and musing at the Southern Cross University. The elevated location meant watching whales breaching competed with some presentations. The conversations were lively, the meeting of old friends and colleagues reaffirming and many new opportunities for connections forged. It was everything that our community has come to appreciate about the AAEE Biennial Conferences.

A salute to Jo Ferrier, Cam Mackenzie, Maggie Muurmans, Hilary MacLeod, Kylie Moses, Paul Hemphill, Ali Van Der Graaf, Lisa Ryan, Ashleigh Duggan  Laura Turton, Ian Ayre, Melissa Murphy,  Hilary Whitehouse. Delegates were well looked after by Arinex the Professional Conference Organisers. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

AGM wrap up

An important part of each Biennial Conference is the opportunity for the National Executive to meet to reflect on the last two years’ work and make suggestions for the new executive team to consider.

At the AGM this information was shared and an acknowledgement that the anticipated online membership renewal had not been as smooth as expected. The Admin officer Natasha Cameron was thanked for her thoughtful handling of enquires as some members experienced frustration. The Learning Circles (interactive webinars hosted quarterly, access recordings and discussion inside the Members Area) were also acknowledged as an innovative endeavour thanks to Peta White for initiating this for us all. The past treasurer Angela Colliver reminded us all that the Association needs to continue to look for ways to create income to enable us to fund projects such as those that were awarded as part of the World Environment Day grants. Continuing to refine our purpose and processes around partnerships will strengthen the grass roots and research actions with a range of countries to provide hope and resilience to our communities.

For those of you that can remember Australia once had a National Action Plan and there is a strong belief that we need to reactivate this concept for a future federal government. Cam Mackenzie has a lot of experience in this work both nationally and internationally so we are confident that others will want to join him and the executive to drive this agenda. If your Chapter uses the NAP to evaluate your projects/programs would you find it helpful to have this document revised and endorsed again?

Another important project is the continuation of the EfS Cross Curriculum Priorities material being led by Graeme Sawyer. The development of the tool to help teachers identify opportunities to successfully link to practical, engaging and worthwhile tasks has the endorsement of the ACARA. This work will complement the Getting Started with Sustainability website resource that many of our members have contributed towards.

As the new executive team begins furthering the work of the past executive it’s important to acknowledge those who have stepped down. We thank Peta White, Hugh Kneebone and Hilary Macleod for their time and energy and wish them well. We look forward to having Mark Caddey continue to support us in the transition time ahead. This Association is only as strong as its members so let us know how we can continue to grow to meet your needs.

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Thank you, Jennifer.