By Dr Jennifer Pearson

The National group is extremely pleased with the Sustainability Cross Curriculum priority resource that is now available for teachers and environmental educators to use in their future planning. After much consultation with a range of educators the mapping document is the first of a series of initiatives to continue to support sustainability educators across school, industry, governmental and community settings. This will assist educators to easily identify how existing programs support curriculum both nationally and locally in each state/territory jurisdiction. We know that members will help us promote this resource. This is available on the Cross Curriculum Priority web page.

SeaWeek will be held from Saturday 12th to Friday 18th September 2020 and will promote Ocean Literacy Principle 5 - The ocean supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems. Andrew Walsh has begun the planning for this event by organizing an activity for students to ‘Help decorate the 2020 AAEE SeaWeek calendar!’. This will be an enjoyable task to select the 13 images for an electronic calendar. It would be interesting to have as may EE events included in the lead up to SeaWeek 2020.

AAEE has a range of partnerships with national and international groups. Recently we were approached by Hilary Macleod about becoming a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) program Nature for All. Both Hilary and Wendy Goldstein attended the November Chapter Check-in to discuss this initiative and a report will be available about how this could complement the work that we all currently carry out in this important area. AAEE nationally has a credible story to share with the international communities who work in this space - let’s get better at sharing all your great work.

At the recent AGM in October we said farewell to Simone Blom, Kate Keary, Dr Snowy White and Graeme Sawyer and thank them for the time they gave to our committee work. Graeme has been a long servicing member from the Northern Territory bringing those unique issues to our discussions. We have new members join in Jodie Green (ACT), Andrew Walsh (TAS) and Dr Peter Anderson (NSW) so there is one unfilled place if anyone would like to join us to contribute to the many initiatives we deliver for members.

With another busy year drawing to a close, we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas break with your family and friends.

Thank you, Jennifer Pearson

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