By Dr Jennifer Pearson

World Environment Day

World Environment Day saw the appointment of the next Federal Minister for Environment. We welcome the Honorable Minister Sussan Ley to this diverse and critical role. Minister Ley has had an interesting career across a range of portfolios that will serve her well in understanding the potential for Australia to continue to promote best practice principles in Education for Sustainability. The first Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management was given to Queensland MP Trevor Evans. The collaborative work that has been undertaken through the Chapter Check Ins will result in a request to Minister Ley for funds to build on the work of AuSSI. The request will also ask for a revised National Action Plan, it has been 10 years since this was done and many found this provided guidance for opportunities to work sustainably in all sectors.

World Environment Day showcased the energy and commitment of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to have input into engaging our broad membership. The Facebook photographic challenge was initiated to focus attention on how people engage with their environment. The YAB are a vibrant group who meet regularly to discuss issues and ideas that they are passionate about. We look forward to linking them to mentors that will support their learning and ideas for future action.

World Environment Day grant

World Environment Day grant is offered again and the theme is Air Pollution. We are working to secure grants to further assist writers to keep producing unique programs. We have been able to offer two contracts earlier this year to develop programs from the AFSSSE windup funds. The first is “Stand Up for Your Future/Climate: Youth activism is education”, secondary education, by Phil Smith and Peta White. The second is ‘Exploring Fungi’, primary education, by Alieta Belle and Sandra Tuszynska. These will be available before the end of the year and will be added to the ‘Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools’ website.

AJEE distribution to members

World Environment Day is a time to reflect on our own practices and at the May Chapter Check-in meeting the state liaison groups agreed to discuss with their members the notion about online subscription of the AJEE in place of hardcopy. The current process is to deliver two journals each year to members but if we can accept an electronic link, we can reinvest membership funds in having more resources developed for our community.

Thank you to our volunteers

World Environment Day is also a time to reflect on the many volunteers that work within our broad membership. Thank you for your passion and commitment to continually strive for improvements in your sphere of influence, for the many committees you are on, for the timely intervention you effect and above all for making the changes to your way of working that show you ‘lead by example’.

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The June 2019 quarterly issue of our member publication, ozEEnews is now out! Login to the Members Area to download and read this issue focusing on the World Environment Day theme, Air Pollution.