The AAEE Executive allocates funds for the development of resources, products or activities that will:


  1. help achieve its mission;
  2. be nationally relevant and provide value to members, chapters/branches;
  3. help increase membership for specific educator groups; and
  4. potentially be a saleable product or income generating activities or events.


Pre-Service Teachers Scholarship

This is an application for Teacher Education students enrolled in early childhood, primary or secondary courses to apply for an Arthur Thyne Reid Foundation Teacher Education Student Scholarship Package. This package provides students with 3 years membership of AAEE.

There are up to 10 packages available in each of the eight Chapters of AAEE. These include ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD, SA, NT and WA. The package will also include access to funding to attend a local or national event over the life of the 3 year membership.

The application form can be found at this link below.

2021 -TRF-Application-FORM22

World Environment Grants

The National Executive of the Australian Association of Environmental Education offers World Environment Day Grant for its members across its Australian Branches and Chapters.

World Environment Grants 2022 are now open. We have 2 grants for AAEE members for funds of $500 to produce a short 3 – 5 minute video of their early childhood service or school integrated sustainability practices with an accompanying two page case study for distribution on the Getting Started in Sustainability in Schools website

The appliction are due on Friday 15th July so please follow the direction on the form. 2022-WED-GRANTS-FORM 

Recipients - World Environment Day 2021

On behalf of the AAEE Executive we would like to congratulate the following projects on receiving funding support for their World Environment Day applications!

These grants were created to help AAEE realize part of its strategic plan to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our members.

WED Grants 2021

Guardian Butterfly Garden Development 

The idea of developing the land at the front of Guardian Childcare and Early Learning Centre into an outdoor classroom and butterfly garden grew from the children’s interest and knowledge gained in raising butterflies and planting butterfly attracting plants over the last two years.  

The Preschool Teacher and Sustainability Champion, Lisa Weidenbach noticed through her provocations that children were continuously inspired to study the life cycle of caterpillars.  The caterpillars in the classroom gave the children a sense of belonging and new children were fascinated to point out the caterpillars to their families.  Through ongoing interactions with caterpillars, children learnt the importance of respecting the homes of the caterpillars and some children enjoyed handling caterpillars and butterflies.

Read the Case Study GuardianCC_Butterflies

Check out the AAEE SA website for the Bring Back the Butterflies Program 

My Climate Change Footprint

Co-­Designing a Climate Change App with Young People, Educators and Community.

As part of the NSW Environmental Trust Grant ‘Climate Change and Me’ (2014-­2017) a basic web-­based climate change personality profiler was co-­designed with children and young people. The web application has been highly successful with over 5,000 uses to date particularly in NSW and across Australia. In this project it proposed to extend this early work by co-­designing a climate change app revealing a person’s climate change personality, footprint and suggested actions. There are few quality climate change education app resources making this project timely and highly novel in supporting environmental educators in climate change education.

Pictured is Aoi which is one of the profiles for the first web version of the CC+Me profiler.