Inspire STEM: Jumping into the Sea

Young children are filled with questions about the sea: “Why do crabs move sideways? How do whales speak to each other?" 

The beauty of STEM education is that you, as the educator, don’t have to have all the answers. Come along to this 2-part online workshop to learn how educators can make marine education relevant for all children, even those who live far from the beach.  

Together, we’ll explore marine science and ocean education in the context of early childhood education and unpack the STEM in ocean wonders like: 

  • How blue whales in Sydney communicate to whales in Brisbane. 
  • And if whales are that loud, why can’t we hear them? 
  • Why turtle shells have hexagonal shapes. 
  • How you can listen without ears like dolphins. 
  • The magic of shipwrecks and how varied densities of water can see ships “float” beneath the water. 
  • How everyday activities like washing up dishes is connected to marine science. 

You will also learn to create rich learning environments that empower children to lead their own explorations, nurture curiosity, and make joy and playfulness the basis of scientific discovery.  

This workshop consists of two 1.5 hour sessions and includes a Q&A component. Upon booking your place, you’ll receive a materials list to prepare in advance made up of everyday items you can find in your home or service.


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Mar 06 - 09 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



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