New South Wales

New South Wales

We believe sustainability education is vital

AAEE NSW is here to help NSW-based environmental educators from all sectors to get involved, connect with others, and grow their knowledge and skills through professional development. We are a vibrant incorporated Chapter managed by an enthusiastic Executive Committee.

In NSW we provide leadership and direction for all who design, deliver and/or evaluate Education for Sustainability/Environmental Education. Many different sectors are represented within our membership and Committee.

AAEE NSW operates within a detailed Strategic Plan. We report on our activities quarterly against the Plan; in detail and by infographic.

Get involved

In addition to the services offered nationally by AAEE, the NSW Chapter ( offers a range of services, programs, activities and events for environmental educators in NSW.

  • We deliver the NSW biennial NSW Environmental Education Conference.
  • We offer networking and capacity building events, such as Green Ed Drinks.
  • We keep our members up to date through regular publications including an e-magazine and e-newsletter.
  • We run the NSW Environmental Educator of the Year Awards and the Gould League scholarship.
  • We manage projects such as the Regional Sustainability Educator Networks Capacity Building Project.
  • We develop State-wide policies, such as the Make the Change framework.
  • We have a strong advocacy role, making a range of submissions relating to environmental education on behalf of our members.
  • We represent environmental educators across the state in discussions and debates, and provide recommendations on sustainability issues and directions for a sustainable future.
  • We manage the NSW Sustainable Schools program that aims to connect environmental educators with relevant resources, interactive lessons and a like-minded community to help spread the important message of sustainability to future generations.

Get in touch

We always welcome new members, because a professional body is only as strong as its member base. There are many reasons for joining AAEE and many ways you can help.

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AAEE NSW President: Ms Sue Martin

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