SeaWeek – Below the Surface – Competition

Below the surface of the ocean can be a whole new experience and goggles, snorkeling or scuba diving can open that portal.

Are you between 12 - 16 yrs and have a story to share about when you went - Below the Surface?

Hear what others thought about this experience with these short video's by Anthony Gordon, Film Maker & Adventure Storyteller/Consultant in the External Resources section.

Send us your story, poem or drawing/photo about what this meant to you, did it change your ideas about the ocean, did you see something that surprised you!

Email your entry to with your name, age and state you come from by 18th March.

An entry will be selected for each year level to be published in the ozEEnews, AAEE SeaWeek page and Scuba Diver Magazine ANZ. With permission from the authors.

Two signed books on offer for creative entries.

Into the Blue

Written by Cristy Burne - Illustrated by Amanda Burnett
Published by Fremantle Press, April 2024. ISBN: 9781760993870 (paperback)

About the book:

‘What starts as a fun snorkelling adventure quickly becomes a test of character and conscience when Blair loses his brother’s beloved camera under the sea.

Terrified to confess, Blair becomes increasingly wracked with guilt until two very different conversations – one with his great-grandmother and one with his cousin – help him find his way.

A rare gem of a story that perfectly encapsulates the emotional minefield of a mistake and its consequences.’

Read a free sample: Excerpt from_Into the Blue

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Mar 09 - 18 2024


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