The 10 Mile Collection

Picture this: Esperance's stunning 10 Mile Lagoon Beach is a hotspot for sun, sand, and sea. But, in June 2023, a shocking discovery was made: five tonnes of fishing debris, from tangled ropes to fishing lines, was choking the coastline. But, never fear! Local heroes, community groups, and volunteers came to the rescue, cleaning up the mess and transforming it into a treasure trove of art. The marine debris has been repurposed into stunning masterpieces, which are up for grabs at the 10 Mile Collection art exhibition. Plus, all profits go to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Aussie non-profit dedicated to cleaning up marine debris. It's a wake-up call to our planet's plastic problem and a call to action to reduce and reuse plastics in our daily lives. Let's clean up our act and keep our beaches pristine!

The event is finished.


Jan 23 2024 - Feb 23 2024


Open 10am-4pm Tuesday to Friday and 12noon-4pm Saturday and Sunday
6:00 pm - 4:00 pm


All welcome


Cannery Arts Centre
Norseman Road, Chadwick WA
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